Cacti and Cake

When my past brides + grooms let me know a baby is on the way, I smile, because I know what is coming.  I see the usual things like first teeth and learning to crawl, I can hear the first mutterings of ‘ma-ma’ and ‘da-da’.  I see singing to your baby and holding them all through their first fever.  I am a mother, so I have experienced these things.  I am filled with happiness for the unconditional love my clients are about to discover, but I smile for a different reason.  I smile because I am being invited IN.  I get to have a front row seat to all of this.  I am being asked to take part and to capture the essence of this little being.  The milestones, the unconditional love, the celebrating of this little life.  August you have brought so much joy to MY LIFE.  Sharing your firsts with my camera, smiling and laughing and crawling your way into my heart.  You are so special and SO LOVED.



A peek into his ‘Big Day’ through my eyes.  Happy 1st birthday buddy!

You are one in a million!


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